Knowing nothing more than lives of servitude, Imps are diminutive, winged creatures who are usually bound to a master, whether to a witch, or magician, or anyone else with interest in keeping magic familiars. There are many ways to obtain an Imp familiar, but the most common method is through hex magic, by casting a dark dwimmer upon an unfertilized wyrm’s egg, and incubating it in fire for nineteen moon cycles. Approximately one out of five times, the spellcaster will end up with a baby Imp; the other four times, one should be prepared to withstand a sulfurous odor so powerful and nasty it has been known to slay the young and elderly within a nineteen mile radius. If one can survive this process, or come into the possession of an Imp through other means, that Imp will do the owner’s bidding until the owner perishes or releases the Imp from servitude.

In the hierarchy of familiars, Imps range somewhere in the middle, right above rats, ravens, and homunculi, and right below owls. Yes, non-sentient owls are favored over Imps among witches and magicians, mostly because they don’t back-talk or bear resentment. And in some cases owls have proven to be more adept at performing basic tasks like “going and getting a thing without getting distracted.” Of course, at the top of the familiar food-chain are dragons and wyrms, but such power at one’s fingertips demands much prudence–else a magician lead herself to ruin. Imps require no prudence–just semi-potable drinking water, and a source of heat.