Inkpot Spiders

Obscenely large and furry, Inkpot Spiders are often referred to as the “night watchmen” of the Underlands. This might seem like a strange moniker considering there isn’t a conventional understanding of night and day in the depths of the Underlands where the sun and moon are never seen; instead, “night” has come to denote areas which have not been conquered by torchlight, and where one should never stray without purpose. For if you stray too far from where you ought to be going, you can be sure to step face first into the thick, black, sticky ropes of an Inkpot Spider’s webbing. And very few Underdwellers have lived to walk away from that.

For the last few decades, it has been extremely common for a Keeper to install an Inkpot web in the middle of a torchless corridor, preferably in a labyrinthine hall where an overconfident looter or adventurer would stumble after making a wrong turn. It is reported that Inkpot Spiders account for as much as 23% of all adventurer deaths in Underland dungeons and tunnels.

But Inkpot Spiders are not all ferocious, skulking monsters. In fact, a great multitude have been assimilated into corporate Dungeon culture, some even taking middle management positions. These days, you might be more likely to share a pot of coffee with an Inkpot Spider in the breakroom, than fall prey to their invisible death-traps.