Knights Errant

Not including the three Orders of Felmog, chivalric orders of knights errant no longer widely exist in the world of Eem. The overwhelming lack of organized folk society, as well as the diminishment of romanticism in song, story, and practice have all but erased the once glorified role of the knight or peasant hero. That said, knights–or their loose equivalent–that do engage in warfare, adventure, and quests are commonly referred to as ‘Errant’ for they are a lonely, wandering sort, often having no official allegiance or patronage.

 Among the few modern variants of the Knight Errant, the Boggarts of Bramble have their own distinct band of warriors known as the Bogateers who don rudimentary suits of crude armor, and patrol the borders of their thorny realm. Together, a unit of three Boggarts, often related by blood, will form a Bogatrio–living only to adventure and die for one another. (However, many Bogateers blur the line between heroism and banditry.)

Additionally, Bogrils have their own chivalric order known throughout southern Eem as the Bulwark paladins, a sturdy troop of well-meaning vigilante watchmen that roam the land. As for the ordinary folk, there is no known knighthood outside of fables and folktales, nor is there much, if any, desire to engage in chivalric endeavors. In fact, children who fantasize about such things are often scolded, for there are no more kings or queens or silly golden empresses to serve.