Deep in the dank, gnarled corners of any forest, skulks a Kobold or three, looking for the best opportunity to raid an unsuspecting squirrel’s storehouse, or taint the nearest Unicorn’s wellspring. The natural enemy of Gnomes, Kobolds stand a few apples taller than their goodly counterparts, and are covered in oily, matted fur, ranging in dirty powder blue to hazelnut hues. Their eyes, like big blue fetid ponds, glow in the night, their only giveaway to wary forest guardians.

Kobolds live to harass, trick, and play morbid pranks on other denizens of the wood. Using dark forest dwimmercraft, they delight in transmogrification, turning beetles into birds and snakes into bunnies, all for a fleeting laugh. For you see, more important than anything for a Kobold is to be constantly entertained. The thought of serious business makes a Kobold almost irreversibly dour, and that is when they become their most dangerous. This is precisely the reason why Gnomes must put up with a Kobold’s endless shenanigans: to be on the wrong side of a Kobold is to put an entire forest in danger.

Aside from causing pure havoc, Kobolds are known to throw wild, debaucherous forest parties, which often take place in dense, hidden thickets, or even below the earth in forgotten caves and caverns. Usually on the guest list are any local Trolls, Boggles, Boggarts, Mudmen, and Mushrums willing to risk getting turned into an onion, all in the name of free-flowing honey-mead!