Man-Meal is the simple product from grinding bones into bread flour; not exclusively “man bones,” per se, though the recipe was indeed perfected by creatures that sustained entirely on people. The practice is as old as time and was invented by starving giants who wanted to make use of undigested bones. However, grim stuff was most widely adopted and popularized by Ettins looking to serve something “different” at fancy parties.

 Ettins developed such a taste for the succulent marrow bread that a grim subculture developed around the procurement of human bones, jumpstarting the phenomenon known as the Ettin Bone Pack. These so called Bone Packs (groups of Ettins, normally called “sounders”) revolved solely around catching, trapping, and terrifying folk in remote parts of Eem for man-meal. It is said that the more terrified the quarry, the more tasty the man-meal.