Mount Hetch

Mount Hetch is the tallest mountain in the Zamorandash range, as well as the tallest mountain in Eem, taller than even Mount Ur. Hetch is also the location of the great Goblin village of Hob, whereat the Goblins of the Hob dwell and perpetuate their ancient culture, having split vehemently from the belief system of their cousins from the Underlands.

Hetch is a snowy, craggy mountain with several summits, poking into the clouds like the prongs of a pitchfork. The mountain is also very difficult to traverse, being incredibly steep and unforgiving. Hardly a place for sturdy footing, the native Goblins manage to get around by inserting iron pegs and chain linked walkways and bridges.

Mount Hetch is also the famed location of Kurgonn the Mountain Eater’s defeat at the hands of the famed order of warriors and witches, appropriately named the Goblins of the Hob.