Mudscoot Crick

Mudscoot Crick isn’t actually a natural waterway. Originally, Mudscoot was known as Berry Rill Aqueduct and was cut from the forest floor of Huxweald, and managed by two adjoining woodland hamlets that primarily farmed blueberries. It wasn’t until the dawning of the Dungeon Era that the aqueduct was abandoned and adopted by Trolls as not only a traditional bridge post, but also as an aqueduct for winter crops of sweetcap mushrooms (which are renowned in both folk and boggart society as a delicacy).

 For a brief time, a troll by name of Belgradey Shortfoot operated a small but profitable sweetcap distribution hub, and enjoyed seventeen years of home bottling, pickling, and jarring. Belgradey was known for an uncommon hospitality in an ever-darkening age, and was often visited by gnomes who enjoyed summer afternoons at the water’s edge and shared sweetcap recipes. However, as the years progressed, the forest vanished under the pointed noses of goblin lumber liquidators and the shady, cool forest was no longer fit to grow mushrooms.

Mudscoot Crick today is mostly abandoned. As goblin deforestation and under-mining expanded from the south, not even the saltiest of trolls find any use for a narrow, muddy ditch with a tired-looking bridge reaching over it.