Hollow Helms

This pinhole, or ‘hollow’ helmet was beaten from the famed, black iron of Maax. Its unique design comes from the smithies of the Iron Sun, a noted order of Felmog knights dwelling in the valley fiefdom of Maax, at the base of the Hetch Mountains.

Amongst the Order of the Iron Sun, pinhole helmet patterns are commonplace, as they are believed to give the wearer the ability to behold the sun’s light directly, albeit modestly. Suns and stars are important components to their order’s heraldry, a tradition that has been passed for many generations. The term ‘Iron Sun’ is in direct reference to a fallen star that created the crater-valley of Maax. This ‘star’ was incredibly dense and made from a deep, black metal unknown to the people of Felmog. Similar to starfell metal, which instead has a golden luster, the iron sun metal is incredibly strong, though it is also incredibly heavy and not suitable for refining. However, because of the iron sun’s reputation for durability, it has become a symbol synonymous with strength, endurance, and the kind of immovable power one would bestow upon a mountain.

Though Hollow Helms are made of common black iron, they are worn by many Maax knights to visually communicate their strength, and unlike other Orders of Felmog, Iron Sun knights are not so prone to questing for relics, treasures, or wealth. Instead, wearers of the Hollow Helm prefer metallurgic pursuits and are renowned smiths who trade the finest tools and weapons available in both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. That is not to say the people of Maax are recluses. On the contrary, in times of war the Order of the Iron Sun are formidable—gathering in heavily armored phalanxes, Iron Sun knights create a great marching sun-patterned battle formation with a hollow center referred to simply as ‘the hollow’. This formation is specifically designed to draw enemy ranks into the midst of the Iron Sun knights, wherein the enemy is decimated by ironclad halberdiers.