Kurgonn the Mountain Eater

The most destructive of the sons of Gordak is Kurgonn the Mountain Eater, who in an infant’s hunger tore down the Sea-cliffs of Roosh and toppled the peaks of Ranesh to eat them.

The lumbering beast, Kurgonn’s heavy steps left great smoking pits behind him, his mighty hands dragging along the stoney earth of the Broken Country like great ploughs. Parted from his mother, Kurgonn’s rage could not be quieted and so he thundered and he plundered and he sundered the lost kingdoms of a forgotten time. Cracking, breaking, smashing, the rocky foundations of the Northlands drifted into the sea and formed the Broken Country. And all who dwelled there were swallowed up by the molten core of the unearthed heart of Eem.

For years the ogre wandered the North-most realms, until the Mountains of Hetch sighed as Kurgonn grew fat and heavy upon the shimmering veins of precious minerals in the earth. Like a suckling babe, Kurgonn devoured the molten lead that pumped like blood from the booming deep and his ravenousness caused terrible earthquakes that threatened the nearby Goblins of the Hob who were once the unchallenged masters of Hetch.

Like ants the Goblins mobilized, gathering their most honored witches from every village, and marshaling a force of such magnitude Kurgonn mistook their coming for an earthquake of his own doing. And his mistake was his doom. With spectral enchantments and feats of engineering rivaled only by the Empire of Hamarung, the Goblins of Hetch subdued the monstrous Ogre and bound him in ghostly chains that no amount of rage, no amount of force could ever break. It took five years to hoist Kurgonn, the parasite that he was, from the crack in the earth, and five more to drag him into the Canyons of Pim, wherein even today he lies imprisoned and powerless.

Some say that when there is an earthquake in the Northlands, though it is not the work of Kurgonn, you can hear the old ogre weeping at the bottom of Pim, the wailing cries echoing for a thousand miles as the spawn of Gordak wastes away in the pitiless dark.