A Lich, or Lich-fiend, is a terrible entity of necromantic horror plucked from the slumber of death and plunged into the service its master. In ancient books of the occult, this “service” is sometimes referred to as the “summoner’s song.” Differing from mindless shambling skeletons, a Lich directly possesses the will of its summoner, and is an extension of the summoner’s agency and dark sorcery, making them incredibly powerful foes. Luckily, the processes by which a Lich is wrought has been lost to time, even among the greatest magicians of Eem (of which there are very few).  

Being remarkably rare, only a few Liches have ever been referenced in any sort of history. Yet, there is one common string that ties all Liches together: every one is linked to ancient nobility. It is not known whether this is a requirement of their being, or a strange coincidence–though it has been speculated to be the former. For a Lich, being a nameless dead whose name once carried great weight in a forgotten world, is a powerful symbol of the inevitable decay of both power and memory. To wrest a sleeping king from his ancient tomb, to carry on as a puppet of the will of a summoner, is in itself a powerful declaration of might–and terrible insult to those that once believed themselves to be limitless in their sovereignty.

A Lich is a kind of undead irony, a grim joke at the world’s expense. As the Ral Nok Sorcerex clearly states on the subject: “Though death make us equal, undeath ensures we are not.”