Lord Orfong the Defiler

The exact origins of Lord Orfong the Defiler are known only in myths and legends. Although, it is widely believed that his immortal spirit is the lingering malice of a long dead magician, born of a bygone age. It is also widely accepted that he is one of the premier entrepreneurs and pioneers of the Dungeon Era, being the founder of Subterranean Pits and Lairs, LLC.

A quintessential puppet master, Orfong rules from behind the curtains, pulling strings and watching plans unfold over long years and decades. His word is canon and his will seeps into the minds of his legions of Keepers and Overlords with swift, corrupting decay.

It is rumored that Lord Orfong has begun talks with an important investor in the north, and has emerged from his secret, underground pits and lairs to personally oversee the deal.