Madam Mov Wozinski

Mov Wozinski soared through the ranks of Subterranean Pits and Lairs, LLC for two reasons. One: she’s a cut-throat, nose to the grindstone, no-nonsense, outside-the-box, go-getter who can spout a corporate cliche like a Doobrikkian slime-geyser. And two: She killed off all her competition in a no-holds-barred, battle royale gladiator blood-match. Her weapon of choice: net and trident.

Madam Wozinkski is the only living executive to have met privately with Lord Orfong the Defiler, the Founder of Subterranean Pits and Lairs, LLC. And furthermore, it is speculated that he passed along to her arcane knowledge of dark rituals intended to summon incomprehensible monstrosities from bordering realities–should she ever feel understaffed.

Expendability is a cornerstone of Wozinski’s management style. In fact, it’s commonly known among the senior staff that she has no qualms with sacrificing Boggles and Dweorgs to expand the Great Tunneling Initiative, which is rumored to be financed by an unknown investor.

In her entire seventy year career, she has never taken a single break, other than to unwind during her nightly horse-blood baths, where she also manages to outline tomorrow’s executionings, and catch up on Crazy Urny’s Madcap Crossword. (We are legally required to mention this crossword is sponsored in part by Crazy Urny’s Custom Floor Traps, Co.)