Mista Bongo

With teeth powerful enough to chew through stone, the giant rat known simply as “Mista Bongo” made its home at Castle Lake for more years than Olog can count. There he lived a decent life–much fuller and happier than that of the Ogre brothers anyway–feeding mostly on fungi, molds, spider eggs, and muckworms, which grow and creep in the tiny, dank spaces between the castle stones.

While Olog named the rodent, and prattled to it sometimes like a beloved pet, the Ogre wanted nothing more than to catch and gobble it up. This activity accounted for much of Olog’s free time, and especially dipped into the time he should have spent sleeping. Many nights were devoted to staring at the hole in the wall, waiting for Mista Bongo to peer its little head out. Golo soon developed a great tolerance for somnambulance as Olog took full reins of their body, stomping about like a madman in the night.

The mere presence of Mista Bongo worked to improve the brothers’ relationship, not only giving Olog a greater sense of self while Golo slept, but by the same token, allowing Golo to read in peace during the daytime as Olog napped out of necessity, which cut down on their bickering– an unfortunate by-product of their ceaseless weakness and hunger.