Mr. Sit, The Desk Lug Wug

Consider life as a chair. Maybe a table? This is the life of Mr. Sit.

Indisputably stupid, Mr. Sit and Wugs are the lowest and most brutish form of Boggart-kin. Unlike their tiny cousins, the Boggles, Wugs have no organized society or desire to improve. Again, Wugs are stupid, stupid, stupid and should not be mistaken for possessing the basic intellect of animals. Animals are endowed with instinct. Instinct drives predictable behavior. Wugs have no such “instinct” and thus have been known to “taste” fire, and accidentally drown themselves by wandering into bodies of water.

However, they cannot be categorized as completely non-sentient, for there have been rare cases of Wug thought expression, which in some circles might even be considered “art”.
For example, here is an excerpt from a poem written by Mr. Sit, left crumpled and discarded in Madam Wozinksi’s foyer:

Sleep it now and later again.
Me am ated a thing.
For sometimes are do.