Napier Lancaster

This unassuming, red and teel bird was actually a man forty eight hours ago. Before Rickety Stitch and the Junkmonger first crossed paths, the old Bogril traded a bent spoon for the bird from a knobby sea-hag. Unbeknownst to the Junkmonger, the bird’s name is Napier Lancaster and was, as a man, a very good thief. That is, until he stole a quite ordinary ring from an extraordinary lady.

As accursed sea-witches go, Mag the Sinker is the worst of them. Responsible for dozens of shipwrecks and innumerable siren songs, the hag had finally met the right man to settle down with and felt it was time to place her wickedness on the shelf for good. Napier Lancaster was a charming, handsome bloke with curly, blonde hair, bronze skin, and a great, booming voice. Thoughtful and kind, Napier always commented on her wet, slimy hair, her crooked grin, and the bright opal rings glittering on her veiny knuckles.

One night whilst plucking horse hair from her lover’s red-maned steed for a briny sea-hag brew, old Mags found three of her rings tucked into Napier’s saddlebag. Upon closer inspection, she not only found her recently lost string of gongwich pears, but a dozen loose doubloons from her most favorite merchant ship disaster.

When morning broke, Napier found himself feeling light, airy, and bound within a cage. The world was big, the wind was stiffer, and Mags the Sinker was cackling like a seabird.