Nora the Mungling

Nora the Mungling has taken up residence inside the skull of Rickety Stitch, and he has no idea. There she was, slithering along with the rest of her Mung siblings in the dead of night, migrating from one Munghole to another, when she got lost in the stars and lost sight of her family. Afraid for her life, as it was the first time she’d ever been alone, Nora squirmed into the first hole that popped into view: Rickety’s eye socket, as the skeleton slept under a bridge.

She can’t complain, mostly because she’s semi-sentient, but it’s warm enough inside Rickety’s cranial cavity. And the vibrations of his incessant talking and singing comfort her, just as the gentle, bubbling purrs of her mother used to do back in the Munghole. Being that Mungs are natural enemies of Gelatinous Goos, Nora has been biding her time, and looking forward to the day she grows large enough that she’ll be able to strike at Gooey, and absorb his life force. But it sure is hard to grow big and blobby on a meager diet of stray worms and spiders that come bumbling into Rickety’s eye sockets.