Ogres are rare. In fact, they are finite. In all of history there have only been three, and those three were born of Gordak the Progenitor. They are primordial monsters with great appetites who periodically would emerge from their deep, centennial slumbers to gorge upon the land when the world was young. This cycle went unperturbed for time untold–that is, until people began sprouting up in droves: men and women, boggarts, and goblins.

These finicky little creatures could not abide the Ogres, how they drank the rivers and lakes dry, supped upon the mountains, and gobbled up their crops. Not to mention gobbled up the little creatures themselves. After millennia of periodic suffering at the ravenous whim of the mighty world-eaters, the people, armed with their magics, managed to imprison the Ogres known as Kurgonn and Oomek. Only Golo, the youngest and least hideous son, used his cunning to manipulate evil men into being one of their kings. But it is said that he could not escape the same fate in the end.