Ogre’s Oath

Being the embodiments of chaos, there are few laws that bind the minds and actions of Ogres. But in order to birth her three offspring, and end her great loneliness, Gordak the Progenitor had to make a deal with the Cosmos: Her sons could not destroy the very world in their hunger, and each would be limited in their reflection of her dread. Kurgonn, so small of mind and intellect. Oomek, so massive in girth that the land could not support his frame. And Golo, so small in stature compared to his behemoth brothers.

But above all else, the Ogres’ actions would be bound by their words, or oaths. In her primordial wisdom, Gordak understood that the world would come to despise her sons and their unbridled hunger, and that their survival would come to depend on their dealings with those lesser creatures whose incessant reproduction made them all but collectively immortal. Therefore, an Ogre may never go back on his word, or else he meet an ill-fated doom, answering to the Cosmos itself.