Olden Fog

Today the term Olden Fog, or simply Old Fog, now carries little weight among the common folk. Rarely used by anyone except those that live within the remote Northland valleys bordering Hamarung, it has come to be synonymous with ill-tidings and bad portents, rather than any physical phenomena. However, the old and superstitious tend to think that the fog which rolls in from the steep canyons of Ur, far to the north where cold pockets of sea air become trapped in the crags and mountain passes of the Broken Country, always carries with it a foulness.

The foulness that these folk fear has many forms, from the gloomy mist that blots out the daylight hours, to the creatures of a more maleficent nature that prefer the foggy shadows to the bright, clear days of the Middle Kingdoms. Sepulcher-Beasts, native to the pocked tombs of Felmog, and fearful of daylight, have been seen roaming in the fog, their shabby, wooly bulk scratching against the rocks as they scramble to the thresh of the fog bank, snatching prey into the gloom.

Boggarts are also uneasy in regards to Old Fog, referring to it in nursery rhymes as Witch Breath. Boggart children fear that the Witch Breath comes from the fetid exhale of an enormous withered, mountain hag, whose rickety body and bulbous belly aches with hunger for their boggart ears. Goblins however find all superstition prosperous and readily explain Witch Breath as nothing more than northland weather.