Olog the Intaglio

The second head of Golo the Gargantuan is, by Ogre standards, a rare and precious gem. And in the case of Olog, Golo’s symbiotic twin, the resemblance to Gordak the Progenitor makes for a living relief.

Olog, though bound to Golo’s will and wisdoms, is not entirely controlled by his dominant half. In fact, Olog and Golo often disagree and bicker amongst themselves. This is not however, debilitating, as their united purpose is entirely in concert: Be free of Castle Lake. Devour the living world. That said, he does have a quite antagonistic relationship with Zigglidorglmorkin, and on many occasions has argued in favor of devouring the imp. Golo weighs this option thoroughly once every few days, but fears the Imp is too indispensable.

The Intaglio wears the crown of Grimly Wood not because he is Golo’s superior, but because Golo so loves his brother’s resemblance to their fabled mother. Though only partially formed, and simple of mind and spirit, Olog projects a presence of primordial awe and horror so akin to Gordak the Progenitor that often Golo will weep at the chortle of his brother’s laughter.