Oomek the Sea Drinker


The largest of the sons of Gordak, Oomek the Sea Drinker sauntered into the briny waters of Eem to wash the sun-baked blood from his scaly body, and he never looked back.

Long had the massive weight of his shambling folds and tentacles lay heavily on his bones, but when his terrible form crashed against the waves and fell into the deep, the pain suddenly lifted. His life on land had been that of a beached whale floundering on the shores, unable to scale the mountains like his brother Kurgonn, unable to frolic freely on the countryside like Golo.

His time in the oceans of Eem as master of its roiling waters was long and good. He gulped down its salty freshness and gorged upon its bountiful fauna without competition. Sailors and fishermen called him Oomek the Sea Drinker and quaked at the sight of his four glittering eyeballs emerging from the surface to meet their quivering gazes. But it was the Mer-Folk who feared him the most, those fishy people living in the deepest parts of the Great Soup. Oomek and his hunger terrorized them for an age, sending them to the darkest corners of the ocean floor, living in quiet despair beneath the corals and the rocks.

Ironically, it is this fact that directly led to Oomek’s fate. Lured by the prospect of devouring a hidden Mer-Folk population, Oomek blundered into a volcanic fissure as he chased a horde of the creatures purposefully bound for self-immolation in the name of their people. As Oomek bashed and clawed his way through the rocky vent, the calamity of his ravenous hunger caused a super eruption, blasting magma that instantly cooled to rock around him. Stunned by the impact, Oomek awoke to discover he was trapped within the newly formed sea-mountain, there to live out his days, awaiting another eruption. Though he is hungry, he never wants for drink.