Orkish Delight

Orkish Delight is a common Boggart sweetie made from ground pixy meal. Sometimes a harpy egg is baked into the middle. And if you happen to find yourself south of Thurf, you can often order it with a poached Mung-jelly dipping sauce.

The term Orkish Delight actually comes from Harp’s Edge dockhands who would often see Boggart co-workers gobbling down the delicacy during their lunch breaks. It should also be noted that “Ork” is the Folk word for Boggart, Boggle, Wug, or any other breed of Goblin peoples. And it is intended to be derogatory. However, Boggarts have no sense of “derogatory,” as they are a generally mean-spirited and filthy mouthed people. It only becomes a problem when spoken in the presence of Goblins, who want no such association with “lesser beings.” In fact, because Boggarts so enjoy Orkish Delight, Goblins often abstain in public…but indulge in private.