Percival Dante

A native of Harp’s Edge, Percival Dante paid his dues busking on the street corners, and singing at weddings for below market rates. His first big break came when he happened to play in front of Harvy Lurfman, a Goblin talent rep who instantly saw a star in the making.

His first record Dream Upon a Sunrise took the Middle Kingdoms by storm, and catapulted him into a household name among the northerners of Felmog. Twice since, has he been invited to play for Counts and Countesses in Courts of Felmog, and twice were small fortunes paid to him.

Dante is truly a master bard, able to dance effortlessly between storytelling and song, comedy and tragedy, romance and heroism. Many of his original works are sold and played by traveling minstrels throughout the Middle Kingdoms, a fact that gives Dante great satisfaction (and percentages).

Though years of merrymaking for hire have honed him into a living instrument beloved by all, he himself is a self-important, self-worshiping ninnyhammer. Unfortunately for his adoring hordes of fans, smuggery paints his face far more boldly than his pencil mustache. There have been numerous incidents and brush-ups with admirers who “have gotten too close” or made the mistake of “looking him in the eyes.”