Plyxian Pile Worms

Capable of living only in the digestive juices of large beasts and creatures, Plyxian Pile Worms are named after a variant of river wheat with bushy stalks that bears an aesthetic resemblance to the pile worm’s feelers. The worms are for the most part entirely harmless, and rarely encountered by anyone, as their natural habitat is indeed the intestinal tracts of enormous beings.

The first worms were recorded by the unfortunate boggart adventurer Pudge Gweef, who was swallowed whole by a roving Ragtooth weorg. Inside the wolf-beast’s belly, Gweef not only dodged the sloshing acidic juices of the monster’s digestive system, but ducked and weaved through a forest of hungry worms that looked uncannily like Plyxian river wheat. Navigating to the portal of the lower intestines, Gweef dove for his life into the blinking void and found himself stinky but free.

Golo’s worms reside in an over size jar, basking in a sulfurous fluid which may or may not be a mixture of bile and vinegar for both pickling and spoiling grisly ogre snacks.