With beaks like rusty knives, and talons that could rend the hide of a weorg, Poltergeese stand near the top of the food chain in Grimly Wood. About three times the size of a normal goose, the Poltergoose’s feathers are an eerie white, appearing to almost glow like the moon in the dead of night. For this reason, along with their shrill, haunting calls that can be heard for miles around, travelers often mistake them for specters in the mist.

Most notably, Poltergeese have been known to cause telekinetic disturbances if their territory is encroached upon. Leaves will rustle and swirl, sticks and stones will levitate, and any loose items on the offender’s person are liable to fly away like a parasol in a gale of ghostly wind. The Skein, particularly, is rife with Poltergeese, where they occupy tree-lined lagoons and mires in great numbers. Being completely carnivorous, they feed upon creatures as large as bears and stags, but will gladly settle upon unfortunate wayfarers if the opportunity presents itself.