Pox of Skash

A creature of Skash, holding their trademark golden fork.

A creature of Skash, holding their trademark golden fork.

In the earliest days of Goblin-lead dungeoneering expansion, the underland engineer Nak Nok Kreen made a startling discovery deep within the Skashic Abyss. You see, Goblins long believed the Abyss of Skash to be truly bottomless, a literally empty hollow in the earth wherein no comprehensible material rested at its end. That is until Nak Nok found the stairs.

Hidden amidst a masterfully carved optical illusion, the Stairs of Skash awoke a renaissance of underland excavation. Unbelievably, a new ancient civilization had been discovered and Nak Nok enjoyed the fame of being first to excavate and marshal a great expedition down the impossibly long and winding stairs into darkness. Supplied with nearly two years worth of supplies and rations, Nak Nok ventured into the deep, discovering multitudes of subterranean creatures, flora, fungi, and elements–until at last the clues to who had built the mysterious stairway lead to an enormous golden door.

Being Goblins, all academic discoveries were instantly tossed away to harvest the golden door and melt it into bars. But before the final hinge could be chipped away from the granite, a strange thing occurred. From the chasm on the other side of the doorway, a half-sized chariot rolled into view, mounted by a scowling creature that looked somewhat like an albino salamander. Nak Nok was astonished by what could only be the master of long forgotten Skash, when suddenly the creature dabbed at its cloudy, pink eyeball and hastily rolled away. What followed nearly changed the course of Goblin folk forever.

In a matter of months, an onslaught of Skash creatures proceeded to undermine nearly a quarter of all boggart-goblin underland cities, tunneling haphazard cave-ways causing hundreds of massive sinkholes. Thousands were felled into the abyss never to be seen again. It was not until some years later, Nak Nok appealed to an allied confederacy of goblin mega corporations who gathered in force to plug up the Skashic Abyss and lock away the nameless ancients that poured vengefully from their pilfered kingdom gate. Goblins do not boast of these times, nor do they gloat on their hard fought victory. Instead, stories of the Pox of Skash are evoked to frighten misbehaving children, and always accompanied by gloomy goblin parents pretending to moisten their own eyeballs with wriggling tongues.