Rack Owls

Rack Owls are nocturnal, carrion birds that hunt by starlight in groups called graves. A grave of rack owls consists of several large, thick-legged, shabby creatures with oval heads and eyes that gleam like pale moons.

Covered in what looks more like mangy fur than feathers, Rack Owls are an imposing sight, and their deep, gravelly hoots are often confused for the growling of wolves or the grunts of Trolls. They have acquired the name Rack Owls for their tendency to catch and hang their prey from tree branches, as each member of the grave pecks and disembowels it in turn. The remains of a meal are sometimes mistaken by wary travelers for effigies crafted by the Left Hand of Sonk, a widespread Boggart cult that worships death and the Coming of the End of the World.

Rack Owls are favored familiars amongst witches and warlocks. Their indifferent and menacing demeanor prove most effective tools for black-hearted thaumaturgists looking to spook and punish fearful enemies. Despite this fierce reputation, Rack Owls are notorious cowards and will flee from sight at the first whiff of courage in their prey.