Red Maw

In another time, when the King of Grimly Wood was known far and wide–and when he most assuredly lacked the need for poorly written fliers to spread his glorious name–the Red Maw was an impenetrable castle gate. Forged by Felmog metallurgists and gifted to the King as tribute, the Red Maw rebuked countless usurpers over the years.

Most notably, the gate’s namesake comes from when Jundar Horse-Cleaver, Warlord of Hetch was killed by the Red Maw’s iron jaws. Near the end of the siege, Jundar’s Red Cap Ladder Brigade had managed a daring attack on the Castle’s now-defunct drawbridge mechanism. Three Red Cap Brigadiers managed to reverse the weight and open the castle to frontal assault. Mad with bloodlust, Jundar led the charge, pouring towards the defenseless gate with his army– when suddenly the defending King gave orders to close their fabled Felmog gate. In a violent instant, Jundar Horse-Cleaver was brutally dismembered by the jagged teeth and rusty spikes of the Red Maw, his body so utterly unmade that bloody crimson mist painted the impregnable iron for nigh on a decade.

Today, the gate is permanently raised, and the blood of Jundar Horse-Cleaver has been worn away by time, and red rust.