Rickety Stitch’s Blouse

Rickety Stitch’s blouse has not been washed in many, many years. Being a rare blend of satin and what would appear to be gnomish cotton, the garment is quite stain resistant. But that does not excuse it from picking up strange smells and smudges as the days wear on.

Take for instance the small green stain on the left collar: the result of a mung explosion during a raid on Orfong’s dungeon. Even though Rickety Stitch and the Goo were hiding behind barrels of gremlin marmalade, a stray speck managed to glance the collar, and there it shall remain until the end of time. And do you see that tear on his right shoulder puff? From the toothy bite of his short-lived pet rat, Walter Nibblington who contracted plague and had to be drowned.

Stitch’s blouse has been repaired a number of times since, and is effectively a patchwork of threads and stitching from multiple periods in fashion and trade. Its exact age is not specifically known, but one may estimate that its quite old indeed.