Rickety Stitch’s Lute

Crafted of fine Bogril spruce wood, Rickety Stitch’s lute is quite the rare artifact, particularly in southern Eem. Since music is generally frowned upon by Goblins, and other music-loving Muckland denizens tend to prefer woodwind and brass instruments like tubas, flutes, and bagpipes, the lute is an underappreciated, undesired musical cast-off.

Over the course of his undeath, Rickety has had a number of lutes to call his own. There was the lute that he used to win the Blurpo County Kitten Pot Pie Eating Contest and Musical Talent Show, which itself was later eaten by giant termites in a dungeon fumigation accident. And there was the lute given to him by bog-metal legend Hraz Mungbreath, which was later smashed over Rickety’s head following a dispute over who would get to play the solo on their power ballad duet “Dragon Saddle.”

The lute that Rickety calls his own today was unceremoniously plucked from the lifeless body of a nameless Bogril adventurer who died of starvation in the tunnels of Orfong’s dungeon. Knowing that the skeleton minstrel had been without a lute for some time since his falling out with Hraz Mungbreath, Kelly the Centipede presented it to him as a peace offering to make up for the day she accidentally double-scheduled him for Manticore Doody duty.