Rickety Stitch’s Pantaloons

Rickety’s pantaloons, while matching the color and pattern of his other garments, have clearly been custom-tailored to replicate his original clothing. Bearing a silky texture, Rickety had them commissioned by Oother Crump, the on-staff cobbler at Orfong’s Dungeon after Taskmaster Ghoulihan set the skeleton on fire for sleeping on the job. Being that Crump is not a tailor by trade, there are many imperfections in the stitching, which any seamstress worth her salt would find laughable.

However, because of his amateur seam-work, Crump accidentally crafted a pocket which has since been very useful for Stitch and can be called home for a plethora of oddities, treasures, and widgets. For instance, Rickety Stitch often carries a pair of extra lute strings, an old Sack Wine cork (which he sniffs on special occasions), two tunic pins, and a scrap of scratch paper on which to scribble terrible lyrics.