Ruins of Ryloch

The ancient Fisher-City of Ryloch stood on the long evaporated lake of Ry (near the western edge of the Used T’be Forest) some two thousand years before the present day. The lake was, at one point, the largest in the western hemisphere of the known world, and housed an enormous system of waterways that encouraged trade from far and wide.

No one knows for sure how Ryloch went dry. It has been surmised that perhaps the lake was so overfished that it had to be eventually diverted into aqueducts and channels to water crops to the east, and that a diversion of such magnitude disrupted Ryloch to the point of its abandonment. Others believe there may have never been a lake at all, and that the city was actually a legendary sky-port of airships and the term Fisher-City was a misnomer. However, among fairy folk, there is a well known fable regarding the swallowing of lakes and seas by a mighty Ogre who once traversed the old world.

Today, Ryloch’s mighty foundation blocks look far more akin to cairn stones. Passersby rarely reflect upon the wonders that may have once stood in the dusty, prickly-patched landscape of Ry, nor do they notice the sheen of fossilized clam shells speckling the rolling dunes of sand and sticker-grass.