“Stitch” is the Goblin word for “bard,” “minstrel,” “song-weaver,” or any other sort that is versed in the making of music or song. The word “Stitch,” uncoincidentally, should evoke the crass and inelegant view that Goblins and Boggarts hold toward the musically inclined, as it is known that Goblins, Boggarts, Boggles, and Wugs find music distasteful in general, perceiving it as a pretentiously crude parlour trick with little to no value at all. In their estimation, a Stitch, like a poor seamstress, combines two things that don’t belong together at all: stories and music. It should be noted that Trolls and Kobolds do not share this perception.

Goblins, being both systematically-inclined and industrially-oriented, lack any deep understanding of the arts in general. This leaves few entertainment options that please them. Some examples include: public executions, pantomiming, ventriloquism, gladiatorial struggles, paid inspirational seminars, and prop comedy.