Subterranean Pits and Lairs, LLC

Founded in blood and fire by the iron hand of Lord Orfong the Defiler, Subterranean Pits and Lairs, LLC is a multi-channel torture and tunneling outfit, endeavoring to promote their slogan: “The World needs adventure. We make it hard.”

Easily the most diversified dungeon corporation in all of Eem, their offices span from the southernmost Mucklands to Hamarung Bridge. There have even been talks of opening up locations in the frigid north of Felmog.

Competition for high-level employment at SPL is often quite steep. Recent reports published in Dungeoneer Magazine concluded as many as 40,000 Boggarts, Boggles, and Wugs have perished in the internship selection process. However, this tends to fall in line with standard industry practices, as many other companies such as: We Dig Pits, Inc. and Unassailable, Co. also report high fatalities and turnover rates amongst entry level underlings.