Tally Taxes

First implemented by Grugmart the Pincher, tally tax es have become the standard mode of bridge tolling since the traditional method of combat-riddling fell out of fashion during the Dungeon Era. It works by guessing a traveler’s weight, and then demanding that the traveler pay their weight in pennies. Many years ago, pennies were quite useless to the likes of Trolls who simply took what they needed from whomever had it. But the age of commerce eventually trickled its way down to Trolls too, as busy Goblins had little time for riddles, and just offered to settle disputes by throwing money at such inconveniences.

With tally taxes, often the traveler is lacking in funds (especially rotund breeds of boggarts and heavily-clad knight-errants), so it is customary to begin a round of haggling until an agreed upon value is settled. If no amount can be settled through haggling, Trolls have been known to barter for goods and services, or accept I.O.U’s. But it is highly recommended to never find yourself indebted to a Troll. As the days, and weeks, and even years pass, the Troll mind calculates interest, disproportionately warping the sides of a fair transaction; and before you know it, you might get a telegram requesting that you go slay a dragon in the name of a Troll on account of crossing some random, insignificant bridge nine years ago.