The Bone Gibbet

Golo the Gargantuan’s Bone Gibbet was hand-crafted by the Ogre himself, out of the ribs of a clunch dragon, and the bones of King Gauld himself. For years it has been the last stop for dozens, if not hundreds, of poor souls lured to their dooms by Ziggldorglmorkin, Golo’s imp familiar. While Olog is often tempted to devour any morsel on sight, Golo much prefers watching his victims wallow and agony, to whet his sophisticated palate.

Despite being a device of torture and despair, the Bone Gibbet has seen its share of daring escapes. Sir Isaak of Waed, for instance, managed to dislocate his shoulder and repel from the criss-crossed tibia floor, albeit unwittingly, into a bowl of boiling water and woerg stock. While some years later, the Boggart freebooter Throngbite the Stabber sailed nearly to freedom from a makeshift pantaloon hang-glider before being caught and shaken to death in an ogre-sized dice cup.