The Disappearance of Cherith the Jester

Although the Castle Lake was never host to jubilance and joy, as it were, King Gauld the Horrible loved to laugh. Mostly he laughed at the expense of others, but when it came to Cherith the Jester, Gauld could not help but revel in his antics. However, during the reign of Golo the Gargantuan, a swift end came to the court’s merriment when Cherith disappeared.

Those closest to Golo’s throne knew well of the Ogre’s delight of music. In fact, Golo often pleaded for the whereabouts of Cherith, and on several occasions, raged that none in his kingdom could locate his favorite fool. But, Cherith was no fool. Golo’s desire for entertainment continued for years, but never did Cherith return.

Those that knew Cherith were privy to the jester’s creative sensibilities, how he cared nothing for who was watching, be it a shriveled, aristocratic shrew or a monstrous Ogre; the love of the stage was all that mattered. Indeed, he often covered himself in bells, juggled, and danced–but always to delight and confound in the name of stagecraft.

So, where did he go? Most believe the Jester was one of the first to be eaten, despite Golo’s demands to fetch him his fool. But rumors persisted for years, when some of Golo’s attendants swore they heard bells rattling in the walls. Upon investigating, nothing could be found but a small, castle nook with a single mirror, an assortment of running candles and moldy bread, and a soiled bed covered with colorful ribbon. But in those crumbling days, as Golo became hungrier and more anxious, any frightened ragamuffin could have been living there.