The Dungeon Era


The Dungeon Era marks the rise of the boggarts and their grand economic machine to chage the fate of Eem and the trajectory of history. Vying for supremacy, the Grand goblins of the Underlands, those richest and most cunning of their lot, expanded their holdings, exploiting the wealth of the mineral veined earth, and will their interests to the highest bidder.

However, the most prominent of the Goblin entrepreneurs was not a Goblin at all. No one knows who (or what) he is really, but all would agree–Orfong the Defiler changed everything for the toothy underground denizens of the modern age. Many generations ago, Orfong devised a plan to usurp a series of Dweorg mining contracts by strength of arms. And with his band of cutthroats, the wily Defiler seized control of the largest tunnel network in the Underlands, a network so vast that it undermined nearly the entire expanse of the Mucklands as far Northwest as Grimly Wood. It took decades to consolidate and map the network, and in that time Orfong began assembling dungeons to be rented, with the profits invested into constant expansion. Boggles and Wugs were recruited feverishly, and by the thirtieth year of Orfong’s mad dash for Underland control, Subterranean Pits and Lairs, LLC was born.

Soon shadowy organizations from around the world wanted in on the boom, and before long, the Dungeon Era seized the hearts and minds of an age, and consumed nearly all of the natural resources both above and below the crust of the earth. Copycat organizations sprung up like weeds, and the abandoned structures and ruins from a grander, forgotten age were re-purposed and defiled to build what is often referred to simply as Boggartdom.

Today venomous executive leadership and ruthless corporate takeovers are commonplace. Shameless and invasive marketing and infamously cheap wares all lend towards a crueler Eem, obsessed with consumption and expansion. To what end? None can really say. But so long as there is gold to dig, there will be greedy goblins to hollow out the world.