The Fasting Hall

Long after the last of old King Gauld’s servants was devoured by the ravenous Golo, Castle Lake’s tremendous feasting hall was solemnly renamed by the Ogre tyrant. For many years, Golo waned within the stone cobbled walls of his Fasting Hall, diminishing as the days passed, relying on impish tricks and treacherous thieves to gather food and lure tender, juicy wanderers into his presence.

Alone but for his brother Olog, Golo treats the Fasting Hall as a kind of prison, for he has grown so weak in his malnourishment that he no longer possesses the titanic strength and resolve customary of his Ogre bloodline, and cannot by strength or dexterity force himself free of the hall with doors made only for men.

Any other creature would have long starved to death, but Golo’s hunger is a mythic thing, a thing of primordial force that drives his immortal starvation, a curse born of Gordak the Progenitor from whom Golo was spawned.