The Fate Stones of Pennyfoot

Of the the six Fate Stones of Pennyfoot, Golo is the master of two. Carved from the veins of jade beneath the meteor pocked Valley of Pennyfoot, also known as Brenton’s Dish, the Fate Stones are relics of great power and mystery. It is widely believed that the Pennyfoot Druids fashioned the stones, in a time prior to the Dungeon Era, into six fated configurations: tetrahedron (4 fates), cube (6 fates), octahedron (8 fates), pentagonal trapezohedron (10 fates), dodecahedron (12 fates), and icosahedron (20 fates). Each side of each stone is etched with a cryptic numerological mark that no living folk can decipher.

What “fates” these stones foretell is entirely unknown. But what is known is that each stone has the uncanny ability to shift its sides autonomously, even after being cast. Scholars speculate that the stones are possibly possessed by ancient earth spirits desperate to communicate with the living world, while others maintain the stones relay the fortunes of future events. The only certainty is that the stones will roll and face a new side as methodically as the cycle of the sun and stars and pale moon.