The Iron Maiden of Emok The Redonkulous

Once employed to squish the Duchess of Queeg, this Iron Maiden was most notably owned by Emok the Redonkulous, a rival Boggart noble hell-bent on settling an argument over the authenticity of his heirloom powdered wig.

It came into the possession of Lord Orfong by way of an estate auction, wherein Emok’s valuables were sold off at deep discounts following his untimely death: when his wig got caught in the Maiden’s teeth, and his head became–as the coroner put it–“irrevocably munched by the most irony of ladies.”

Due to the neglect of the dungeon’s underling janitorial staff, the device has been decommissioned on three separate occasions to repair a “faulty doohickey.” At least that’s what went into the official maintenance reports. But it’s widely rumored that the ghost of Emok himself threatens a curse upon anyone who would clean the last fibrous remains of his powdered wig from the teeth of his Iron Maiden.