The Lost Groves

The Lost Groves harbor a secret. There a some remote habitats that have been lost within the dense and thorny snarl of Nargyle’s Haunt. Behind the spiny veils of throng weed and the clouds of harrowing gloom, a multitude of groves have been lost to the world.

Miles of meadows and forest floor, riddled with colorful toadstools have vanished behind walls of thorns. Therein faeries still practice their way of life, oblivious to the creeping evil that has lurched from the past to claim their woodland homes.

Boggles living in the Grimly Wood believes these pockets of lost paradises to hold vast, incalculable powers of rejuvenation. Boggles, in their simple way, have attempted to cultivate these powers, be traversing the perilous wilderness of the haunt, only to vanish forever in the maze of razors and stickers, or to be devoured by roving snagbunnies.

The enduring truth about the lost groves is that they may never be found, and should they be, what wonderment or terror that lie dormant behind their impassible barriers, may have already vanished beneath a swelling blanket of the encroaching gloom.