The Middle Kingdoms


The westlanders of Eem have, for generations, lived within a loose governing construct known as the Middle Kingdoms. The realm itself is however not so much a set of kingdoms as it is a series of loose confederacies made up of independent cities and towns, each with their own structures of governance, but little central power. In the strictest sense, there are no fiefdoms in the known world of Eem save for the Northern Kingdoms of Felmog, north of the Middle Kingdom border at Hamarung Bridge.

The Middle Kingdoms are most prominently regulated by three parties: first, the folk of Harp’s Edge, Buttonhollow, and Hedgewater Mabel. Second, the Faerie folk of Dingledell and Trolls of Murbletoad. And third, the corporate bureaucracies of Boggartdom ruled by the Grand Goblin Misers of the Underlands (by far the most influential of the three).

The folk of the Middle Kingdoms are considered the most lowly of the peasant class. Hardly more than a handful of townships and hamlets, worked mostly by farmers and meek tradesman that have not meddled in the goings on of Eem for almost as long as their family lines can remember. The city of Harp’s Edge is the largest settlement still populated by humans, as it is host to a valuable sea port often frequented by Felmog and Boggart trade ships to transport goods to the Northlands and Southlands, as well as across the western sea to sandy Therafin and the many, scattered islands outside of the Therafin Archipelagos. Harps Edge is probably the most prosperous city in the west for this reason alone, though in the scope of regional politics has very little sway. For even as the wealth of a world passes through the ports of folk, their influence fades and their culture dilutes with the sudden flood of Boggart machination and Felmog coin.

Dingledell and Murbletoad are entirely different circumstances. Little is known of their internal structure, and though both are reclusive and inactive, for the most part, the consensus amongst most people living in the modern age agree that both Dingledell and Murbletoad are wealthy, safe, and powerful in their own rights. Dingledell is a mystic forest realm inhabited by all forms of Faerie folk from gnomes to sprites, pixies and brownies. Murbletoad, proper however is a single town within a vast expanse of swamp known as Murbletoad Marsh, wherein the Troll societies of the modern era live and build a useful, albeit expensive, bridge network to make for safe passage across a notoriously dangerous, sinkhole and stillwater sink riddled land.

Farthest to the south of the Middle Kingdoms lies the Mucklands, which until the Dungeon Era had always been considered its own Southern Kingdom, ruled by Boggarts and Bogrils, Boggles and Goblins. But as the prominence of the vast subterranean tunnel networks expanded under the leadership of boggart tunneling corporations, and under mining contracts leapt into a new, era of vast profitability, the Southern Kingdoms vanished, or perhaps more accurately, absorbed the crown of the Middle Kingdoms for itself to reign wealthy and supreme over the decaying corpse of the human world.