Sally “Meatfist” Muldoon

Sally Muldoon is a pit fighter who earned the name “Meatfist” in exactly the manner you would expect. Originally supposed to be a temporary gig to fuel her real dream of becoming a sous chef, the cheers of the crowd, the endless drink, and the prime pick of breeding men persuaded her otherwise.

To date her record stands at 24-3, having traveled all across the Mucklands on the Stinkbridge Circuit, heavyweight division. She has defeated the likes of Fork Grimaxe, the Boggart bruiser who once held the title before losing an eye; Mean Green Spivy, the once promising main card attraction; and Holack the Dreamkiller, who Sally maimed so badly that he was forced into retirement.

 Her three losses can be attributed to a bout of barrow-cough, a delayed carriage ride from the Drippy Downs, and a four hundred and eighty pound Wug who failed to notice her fists making contact with his body.