Singe Vipers

Though small, these poisonous serpents are one of the most dangerous animals living in the west of Eem. The name Singe Viper comes not only from their vibrant, fiery color but from the effect of their deadly venom.

A Singe Viper’s bite is akin to being speared by a white-hot poker–with the sensation of searing flesh never subsiding. Since survivors of a Singe Viper bite are so few in number, full accounts of their torments differ from victim to victim. What has been unanimously agreed upon however, is that the venom lurches through the bloodstream like molten lead: thick, slow, and unbearably hot. The only known cure for a Singe Viper’s bite is pistol-wax, an infrequent kind of pollen that dusts the forest floors only during the windy season.

Culturally, Singe Vipers are feared by most of the Folk living in the west. However, among Kobolds, Singe Vipers are revered. To Kobolds, these serpents are a symbol of enormous dangers that come in small doses, and they have long associated this quality with their own mischievous and hateful ways. Kobolds also have a generations-long tradition of safely milking Singe Vipers for their venom, which is used in various ways. Most commonly the venom is made into an orange-colored substance called molten bite, which is a kind of death-serum used in witchcraft, alchemy, and on the points of Ankle-bite knives.

Kobolds have even gone so far as to fill bread baskets with Singe Vipers and shake them over the branches of Gnome tree houses in hopes of terrible things. But to this day, no Gnome has ever been bitten by one; while Singe Vipers are dangerous, Gnomes simply talk the snakes out of any mischief and continue with their day.