Though prized by dungeons for their automaton work ethic and low overhead costs, skeletons are few and far between in the realms of Eem. They are so scarce and extraordinary that normal Folk never even dream of encountering the shambling undead, and would scoff at the very idea.

It is unknown by what dark magic spawned such fiendish creatures into existence from the dead remains of fallen men, only that it took place long ago, and knowledge of such dwimmercraft no longer endures. The rest is a mystery, and regarded by Folk as “gloomwork,” an aspersion of witchery and occult.

Even more extraordinary than the run-of-the-mill, mindless skeleton is a chap like Rickety Stitch: a thinking, feeling, talking being with agency and desires. His uniqueness is either lost on the oblivious, or reviled by those employers who would prefer the non-speaking, non-singing type of skeleton.