Slarm-Eel (or, Clunch Dragon)

A Slarm-Eel, or more notoriously, the Clunch Dragon is one of the longest creatures in the world. At two times the length of a Bogril Trireme Bazaar, a Slarm-Eel, though large and menacing, is perhaps the farthest from majestic an animal could ever be. They are wormy, spindly creatures with stubby vestigial limbs, who prefer the hot, ink-black stickiness of tar to clear water. Slarm-Eels dwell almost entirely underground or beneath geothermal bowls of filthy sediment that’s heavier than water, at the bottom of lakes, oceans, and waterway. They are like great coiled parasites slumbering in decay, refuse, sewage, and industrial waste, biding their time until darkness falls over the surface. Safely and under the cover of night, a Slarm-Eel will coil and slink from mud pool to mud pool searching for prey.

 A Slarm-Eel cannot be exposed to daylight for long and it has been documented that they are at least as allergic to the sun as vampires, but instead of bursting into flames, they rapidly decompose into lifeless jelly. This aversion has lead to the development of peculiar survival mechanisms, like soot baths and gorging upon iron slag and detrital clunch. It is unclear whether this provides any defense or benefit, but has lead directly to the nickname: Clunch Dragons.