Taskmaster Lloyd Ghoulihan

Hired as a pimply Goblin teenager, Lloyd Ghoulihan has been with Subterranean Pits and Lairs, LLC in one capacity or another for fifteen years. For over a decade he toiled as a Pit Clerk, then Assistant to the Shift Underlord, until his entire department was massacred by a renegade Gwarglebeast, unintentionally unearthed during a hush-hush mining operation, deep in Orfong’s Dungeon. As the only survivor, Ghoulihan was promoted to Taskmaster.

As Taskmaster, it’s Ghoulihan’s primary role to sow seeds of fear, mistrust, and anguish both amongst his staff and the poor unfortunates he’s assigned to torture horribly in the name of Orfong the Defiler.

Ironically, Ghoulihan actually used to be quite chummy with Rickety Stitch–until his promotion. The very next day, he confiscated the Gelatinous Goo’s dowry chest, and set fire to Stitch as he slept on the job.

Taskmaster Ghoulihan is a company man to the tee; cruel, petty, and obedient. He is to be crossed at one’s own peril, as it is a well known truth that Goblins never, ever shake free of a grudge, and never, ever forgive.