The Friendship Puff

The Gnomes have many customs, so many that the art of custom-making is a finely tuned instrument of their creativity, and practiced proudly among the most wizened of them. Most believe it is because Gnomes live for a very long time that they revel in the craft of ceremony, while others surmise that it’s a curious byproduct of their kind and sentimental outlook on the majesty of life. But if there is one particular ceremony that rises above all others to pronounce the most inner-nature of Gnomes, it is the Friendship Puff.

One of the commonest of Gnome greetings, the Friendship Puff is the simple action of blowing the newly ripened petals of flowers towards the greeted party. Though seemingly unremarkable, the symbolism to Gnomes is great. In gloomier times, before even the Dungeon Era, Gnomes traveled the desolate places of the world, where mighty forests once stood; where the earth lay stained, as if cruelly salted by ancient, wicked forces. In these places the Gnomes blew handfuls of seeds from their palms and whispered songs to the sickened soiled. Their songs stirred even the most blighted earth and their seeds grew strong.

A thing born and bloomed is a thing shared. The swift huff of a Friendship Puff is one of the finest ways to greet both friend and soil alike. And as the fluffy pollen wafts into the wind to carry with it a legacy and a progeny, so should friendships be carried from one place to another in the hearts of every Gnome.