The Gloom King

Eem is both a world of grandeur and a world ghosts. From the mountains of the Broken Country to the windswept plains of Thurf, the decaying memory of the old world lingers like the ember of a dying flame. And wheresoever the haunted ruins of antiquity rest on silent hills, the stories of a once remembered Gloom King lie fallow like remnants of the Olden Fog.

The elusive legend of the Gloom King is impossible to navigate, as there are so many different tellings and tales–mostly lost and forgotten–which are loosely associated with the name and the gloomy fog common to the Northlands of Eem. Some evoke ‘Gloomwork’ in connection to an ancient, faceless evil, and to witchcraft and dark magic. This is even true amongst both Boggarts and Folk living in the Southlands of Eem.

Others attribute the moniker ‘the King of Gloom’ to old, folk stories about a scheming sorcerer who, long ago, imbued the world’s fog with malevolent magic to spy upon the Middle Kingdoms from far away lands. But for what purpose, it is not known, and in the end there is no proof of it. Few alive today have ever heard of this Gloom King, and fewer still know his tales.

It is possible that the Gloom King is nothing more than a legend, summoned by the wizened around smoky campfires on foggy nights. A name attributed to nothing and everything, a name that grips the imagination with cold, spectral fingers–a name we’d like to forget in the wee hours of restless, stormy darkness. Or maybe the Gloom King is real after all.